Facilitating the Mission

Missionary Nurture

July 5, 2017

NURTURE:  To care for and encourage the growth and development of someone.

The pastors and leaders of any healthy local church regularly seek God's guidance for fresh methods of growth and development of their members. They're nurturing the growth of the flock.

As important as this is for their local members, it's even more important for leaders in local churches to consistently seek God to discover fresh channels for missionary nurture and encouragement to flow through.

In this podcast, Jeff and Bryon discuss the importance of missionary nurture and how to make it a priority. 

Here are some links to resources highlighted in this episode:

» Neal Pirolo’s book, Serving as Senders

» Missionary Nurture Teams: Why are they necessary?

» Missionary Nurture Teams: A distinct expression of Missionary Care

» Missionary Nurture Teams: Making them a reality

» missionarycare.com


photo by Ben White

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