Orality Movement Part Four

July 10, 2018

We have missionary Angelina Valasco as a guest for this and our next podcast about the Orality Method of teaching God's Word on the mission field. Angelina opens telling us about the trials and tribulations of her first year on the mission field. The challenges that come with learning one's way around doing min istry in a new culture with people you don't really know that well is one of God's ways of steering a new missionary toward the ministry the missionary is best designed to do. Angelina's freshman year on the field is a familiar story. We learn that she navigated the early years well and is flourishing on the mission field teaching ladies to understand the stories of the Bible employing the Orality Method.

Here is a resource mentioned by Angelina in this podcast:

Story Runners


Orality Movement Part Three

June 26, 2018

We're pleased to still have Trip Kimball with us in this second half of our interview with him. In the first part of this interview, we learned that a subset of the Orality movement is training nationals on the mission field to tell the story of the Bible. Trip and Jeff Jackson work through a few more examples of what this kind of traininglook slike and why its important.

Here are a few more references and links mentioned in this podcast. Make sure you refer to the first half of this interview to check out other great resources.



Orality Movement Part Two

June 12, 2018

A subset of the Orality movement is training nationals on the mission field to tell the story of the Bible. In this episode of Facilitating the Mission, veteran pastor and missionary Trip Kimball explains methods he used to train pastors and leaders on the mission field in the Philippines to tell and retell the stories of the Bible so they could be understood in local dialects among audio learners. 

Here are the resources Trip mentioned in the podcast:

Also, here's where you can lean more about Trip's book The Mystery of the Gospel Unraveling God's Story.


Orality Movement Part One

May 22, 2018

Seventy percent of the planet is functionally illiterate.

Faith comes through hearing... if we expect people top come to faith through reading only, we've just blocked 70% of the world from coming to Christ.

Orality movement has motivated Bible translators to make audio versions in every known language. Lets get God's word into audio form. 

Here are the resources Jeff mentioned in the podcast:


Short Term Trips Part Three

May 9, 2018

One of the most important pieces of the short-term mission trip is connecting Christians in the country you're visiting to short term trip team members from America. While evangelism, outreach and other ministry is important, the best way for disciples to grow on these trips is to create situations and circumstances where short-term missionaries bond with their international brothers and sisters.

This is a true taste of heaven. This is foreshadowing of what life in the Kingdom will be like when we are fully present with the Lord in His Everlasting Kingdom.

In this podcast, in a sidebar conversation, we talk about the political history of Cambodia and transformation taking place through men and women living the gospel.

STT Parts One and Two


Short Term Trips Part Two

April 24, 2018

Part two of our Short-term Trips series is the first half of a conversation about the stories and lessons that have come out of short-term mission trips Jeff and Bryon have been a part of.

The greatest lessons we can learn come don't come from a text book (although missions texts are full of great stories, theology and processes), they come from what we learn through personal experience and trip debriefs.

Part 1

Team Covenant


Short Term Trips

April 10, 2018

In this podcast, we have a no-nonsense discussion about short-term mission trips, trip goals, vetting mission trip participants, and the importance of supporting the goals of long-term missionaries on the field.

If the trip purpose loses its focus and individual trip participants become the center of attention, the trip fails. One tool mentioned in this podcast is the Team Covenant. Read more about it and download a copy for yourself here.

Other topics that come up that you can read more about are Short-Term Mission Teams that are Sent Well and Short term mission trips–Creating and Cultivating a Pilgrim-mindset.


Business as Missions Part Three

March 28, 2018

This is the third part of a discussion about Business as Mission (BAM). Listen to the beginning of this discussion in part two in our series here. For part one, click here.

We pick it up in this episode with Jeff Jackson explaining how the Business as Missions model is being worked out in the planning phases of a new missionary endeavor. Because this is a non-traditional model for missions, it forces each step of the planning process to be filtered through scripture.

Jeff also mentions these great resources:


»Lausanne Movement

»businessasmission.com - great content and helpful links for anyone interested in world missions

»Mats Tunehag - speaker at Lausanne Global Leadership Forum
about page
video on YouTube


Business as Missions Part Two

March 13, 2018

In this episode, Jeff Jackson continues talking through the Business as Missions (BAM) model. 


Listen to part one here.


Business as Missions

February 27, 2018

There are different models of missions emerging as people think through how to reach the Nations for the Glory of God. In this episode, Jeff Jackson introduces a model for missions known as Business as Missions or BAM. Jeff discusses the practical and theological implications of this approach to missions.