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Orality Movement Part Five

Orality Movement Part Five

July 24, 2018

In this podcast we wrap an interview with missionary to Mexico, Angelina Velasco. She has been a spectacularly engaging and wise guest. This episode will prove to be a tremendously eye-opening resource for missionaries preparing to go to the field.

Here are a few more of the resources Angelina shared with us:

Navigators personal disciplines for spiritual growth

Story Runners

Oral Bible School

Stories are not just for Kids by Christine Dillon

Storying the Scriptures

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Orality Movement Part Four

Orality Movement Part Four

July 10, 2018

We have missionary Angelina Velasco as a guest for this and our next podcast about the Orality Method of teaching God's Word on the mission field. Angelina opens telling us about the trials and tribulations of her first year on the mission field. The challenges that come with learning one's way around doing min istry in a new culture with people you don't really know that well is one of God's ways of steering a new missionary toward the ministry the missionary is best designed to do. Angelina's freshman year on the field is a familiar story. We learn that she navigated the early years well and is flourishing on the mission field teaching ladies to understand the stories of the Bible employing the Orality Method.

Here is a resource mentioned by Angelina in this podcast:

Story Runners

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