Facilitating the Mission
Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

December 20, 2017

Conflict is a reality. So what do you do about it? Ignore it? Engage it aggressively? God has given us the tools to manage it.

Conflict is one way God brings issues to our attention. Jeff Jackson walks us through biblical scenarios where conflict brings order. It just has to be worked through in a godly way. The thing is, we often focus on diversity and cause contention and division. But God created diversity and desires to use it to bring unity.

Here are a few resources mentioned in this podcast:

Finally, this useful and memorable quote from Jeff Jackson: "Humility is the by-product of accurate perception."

Cracking the Code for Pastoral Involvement in Missions

Cracking the Code for Pastoral Involvement in Missions

December 5, 2017

Something that helps Shepherd's Staff serve churches and their missionaries better is sharing knowledge with, and learning from like-minded organizations.

In this episode of Facilitating the Mission, we'll introduce you to The Mission Table. Hosted by Matthew Ellison of Sixteen:Fifteen, you'll hear from leaders from organizations who are passionate about fulfilling the Great Commission.

Shepherd's Staff's own Jeff Jackson participates in this round table discussion with JD Payne of Brookhills Church in Alabama, David Wilson of Avante Ministries, and Mission Table host, Matthew Elison.

They kick of the discussion by exploring the question: "What is behind the lack of involvement with International Missions?"

Learn about When Everything Is Missions by Denny Spitters and Matthew Ellison.

When Everything Is Missions

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