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A Discussion about PTSD

A Discussion about PTSD

February 27, 2017

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a term used often in a number of different conversations. In this podcast, Jeff Jackson defines PTSD and discusses it as it relates to the care missionaries currently serving in a foreign field and returning and reintegrating back into a life in the States.

Jeff mentioned some excellent resources. Here are links to access them for yourself:



The Effect Part Two

The Effect Part Two

February 15, 2017

God knew sending His Son was going to be costly, but He did it anyway. And He didn't do it to keep us from escaping hell; that along with eternal life are important, incredible gifts, but they're perks. What God intended was for us to have a personal, interactive relationship with Jesus. Through this, He can bridge the ethnic conflict, tribalism, and ethnocentricity that divides His creation.

People at odds with each other are looking for ways to have unity and peace. Only God through Jesus Christ can bring what humanity longs for. Political and religious leaders can’t do it.

The effect of God’s love through His people is unity from diversity.

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