Facilitating the Mission
The Effect Part 1

The Effect Part 1

January 30, 2017

This edition is the first half of The Effect, a talk Pastor Jeff Jackson gave at Calvary Chapel Central Bucks 2016 Missions Conference.

In today’s podcast, we learn the scope of Jesus’s mission is global. God’s ability to bring unity from diversity is an incredible reflection of His glory. The Effect of God’s call on us as believers is our active participation with God in His mission.

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The Call Part Two

The Call Part Two

January 16, 2017

If every Christian is a missionary, then nobody’s a missionary. If everything is missions, then nothing is missions.

Every follower of Jesus is called to declare the glory of God in their everyday lives and among the nations. In this podcast, we learn discipleship is relational, not informational. Discipleship is the passing on of eternal truths in the context of meaningful relationship.

Every believer in Jesus is called to send and care for missionaries called to go into the field. If you haven’t been called to GO as a missionary, you have been called to SEND those who are called to GO. You either send or go or you have no idea who the God is that you serve.

Those who are called to go into the mission field will:

  • Say goodbye to everything familiar and comfortable.
  • They will begin living incarnationally among a people that are not at all like them.
  • They will have to entrust themselves to God’s provision through fellow believers.


Biblical examples of those God called to go:

  • Abram
  • Joseph
  • Jonah
  • Jesus with a few of His disciples

Jesus' relationship with His disciples was for a reason larger than their own interests.

The Call Part One

The Call Part One

January 2, 2017

This is the first in a series of podcasts compiled from messages Pastor Jeff Jackson taught at Calvary Chapel Central Bucks 2016 Missions Conference.

In part one of The Call, Pastor Jeff unpacks three main topics:

  1. The Call as it relates to the Worthiness of God where we learn why missionaries are called to go to the mission field. The reason is not what you're probably thinking it is.
  2. The Call Christians have to proclaim the praises of God to those around them in their day-to-day lives.
  3. The Call to reach those among the nations God has brought to your doorstep. In this country, the world is among you. No matter what your political opinion is about current immigration policy, God has brought ethnic groups into your neighborhood so you can represent Jesus to them.

This entire message along with notes are available on video here.

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