Maintenance Debrief part two

February 13, 2018

The Maintenance Debrief has two main goals: Maintenance Debriefing goals
     1. To CONFIRM to the missionary that he or she is exactly where God wants them to be at this time in their lives and that He is pleased with them.
     2. To help them CALIBRATE the various components of their lives, for their well-being and the health of the people and ministry God has called them to.

In this podcast, Jeff Jackson unpacks the components of the Maintenance Debrief. Those that care for missionaries serving abroad need to make sure that the Maintenance Debrief is a regular part of a missionary's ongoing spiritual development and care. We've included a downloadable version of the Maintenance Debrief for those who care for missionaries in your church. Click the button below.

Download the Maintenance Debrief PDF


Maintenance Debrief

January 30, 2018

This edition of Facilitating the Mission carries the conversation about the On Field Care Visit discussed in our previous podcast into greater detail and purpose. In this episode, Jeff unpacks the purpose of the Maintenance Debrief. We learn that it has a two-fold purpose: confirmation and calibration.


On-field Care Visits

January 17, 2018

Do the missionaries your church has sent to the field know that they're as much of a priority as anyone else in your church? They need to know they are. God pays attention to the care missionaries get from the leaders of their home churches. That's why the on-field care visit from a pastor or elder (or both) are so important. We need to be intentional about budgeting and planning for this.

But before we get into the main content of this podcast, Jeff explains why and where he curates the missionary content he publishes on Facebook and Twitter.

Here are some of the blogs and websites he mentions in the first segment of this episode:

» A Life Overseas
» Velvet Ashes
» Small Town Laowai
» Rocky Re-entry

During the segment about on field visits, Jeff mentions his pastor who came and visited him and his family while they church planted in the Philippines. Pat Kenney now serves with Poimen Ministries and continues serves as a pastor to pastors. Learn more about Poimen Ministries here:

Here's a link to the newsletter to church leaders referenced in this podcast: CLICK HERE 

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Conflict Resolution Part Two

January 2, 2018

In part two of our discussion about conflict resolution, we discuss some helpful startegies for resolving and - when necessary - embracing conflict in a biblical way.

Here are a few resources referred to in this podcast:

» Conflict Resolution Part One

» Cross Cultural Conflict by Duane Elmer

» Dr Karl Benzio of Lighthouse Network


Conflict Resolution

December 20, 2017

Conflict is a reality. So what do you do about it? Ignore it? Engage it aggressively? God has given us the tools to manage it.

Conflict is one way God brings issues to our attention. Jeff Jackson walks us through biblical scenarios where conflict brings order. It just has to be worked through in a godly way. The thing is, we often focus on diversity and cause contention and division. But God created diversity and desires to use it to bring unity.

Here are a few resources mentioned in this podcast:

Finally, this useful and memorable quote from Jeff Jackson: "Humility is the by-product of accurate perception."


Cracking the Code for Pastoral Involvement in Missions

December 5, 2017

Something that helps Shepherd's Staff serve churches and their missionaries better is sharing knowledge with, and learning from like-minded organizations.

In this episode of Facilitating the Mission, we'll introduce you to The Mission Table. Hosted by Matthew Ellison of Sixteen:Fifteen, you'll hear from leaders from organizations who are passionate about fulfilling the Great Commission.

Shepherd's Staff's own Jeff Jackson participates in this round table discussion with JD Payne of Brookhills Church in Alabama, David Wilson of Avante Ministries, and Mission Table host, Matthew Elison.

They kick of the discussion by exploring the question: "What is behind the lack of involvement with International Missions?"

Learn about When Everything Is Missions by Denny Spitters and Matthew Ellison.

When Everything Is Missions


Missionary Security

November 21, 2017

In our last podcast, Jeff discussed a recent trip to Asia he took accompanied by Shepherd’s Staff Security Officer Tim Dabney.

At Shepherd’s Staff, we don’t consider a missionary fully trained until educated about the need to have a contingency plan.

In this episode, we unarchived an interview of Tim Dabney conducted by our friend, Pastor Ed Compean. Ed is a former missionary who had worked in one of the world’s most infamous slums. Nairobi’s Kibera slum is the largest urban slum in Africa. Ed and his family ministered there for a decade. The Compean’s were no strangers to contingency planning and rapid emergency preparedness.

In this show, Tim and Ed cover:
»Go Packs,
»Trusted National Contacts
»Shelter in Place
»Rally Points

This is stuff that rarely comes up in normal conversation, but totally necessary for the missionary to have fully up and running.


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Communication is Cool Water

November 7, 2017

In this edition, we touch on security as Jeff recaps  a recent trip he took to Asia to work with missionaries. Shepherd’s Staff security officer Tim Dabney accompanied Jeff to handle security issues as necessary. Here are links to some great security resources missionaries need to be thinking through:

»Cyber Security

»Contingency Planning

»Pre-field Steps for Modern Missionaries

»Ministry Threats

The main topic of today’s show was communication. Proverbs 25:25 says, “As cold water to a weary soul, so is good news from a far country.” That works both ways; the folks at home are blessed to hear from missionaries on the field in “a far country.” And the opposite is also true. Missionaries are doubly blessed to hear from their friends back home. When on the mission field, home is a far away country.

We want to point podcast listeners to these communication topics below. These are just a few that can be found on our Resources pages under MISSIONARY SUPPORT RESOURCES.

»Support Through Tethers of Connection

»Communication List

»Written Communication Points


PTSD 2017

October 24, 2017

In this episode of Facilitating the Mission, we brought back one of the most popular discussions of our 2016 shows. PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder effects more people than we realize and missionaries are definitely not exempt. In fact, they're much more exposed to it than they'll ever let on.

In this fascinating discussion, Jeff works through symptoms, scenarios, and solutions.

These useful resourses are mentioned in this podcast:

Jeff mentioned some excellent resources. Here are links to access them for yourself:




Collectivistic Cultures Part Two

October 10, 2017

This is part two of Collectivistic Cultures. Jeff Jackson taught this two part series at Calvary Murrieta last summer.

Believe it or not, Americans need a framework for understanding how people in other countries treat each other, interact, and communicate in honor-based cultures.

Here's why: God is moving the nations into our American neighborhoods. This is an awesome opportunity for reaching them with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

To see video versions of this series, please visit

To listen to part one of this series, click here.