Collectivistic Cultures Part One

September 26, 2017

Jeff Jackson is out of the country so we’ll be hearing a two part message he gave at Calvary Murrieta called Collectivistic Cultures.

In the part one of this talk Jeff gave over two Sundays this past summer, he explains the difference between culture in America and every other culture in the world. This is a fascinating and eye-opening lesson.

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Unreached Unengaged People Groups

September 11, 2017

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What is the "1040 Window"? That's where today's discussion about Unreached, Unengaged People Groups begins. We also find out that there are some great organizations working hard to identify who these people groups, where in the world they live, and what the best tools are to equip the local church to start engaging the unreached.

Here are the resources mentioned in this episode of Facilitating the Mission:


» Joshua Project


» Radius International

If you click here, you'll go to a webpage on Joshua Project's website with fantatstic videos on the topic from John Piper, David Platt, and others.


Below are some excellent videos from Global Frontiers Missions. Thier website is also an excellent resource for missionaries and churches.



What is a UPG? from Global Frontier Missions on Vimeo.



State of the World / The Task Remaining from Global Frontier Missions on Vimeo.


What about Jonah?

August 30, 2017

Jonah knew going in that God was a God of grace. 2 Kings 14:25 corroborates that Jonah knew this. God is gracious when people absolutely don’t deserve it. Jonah didn’t want to see God be good to the enemies of Israel. Jonah wanted God to treat the enemies of Jonah as enemies.

But God is above acting the way that men do. Jonah thought he could thwart God’s plans by being disobedient. That is the worst place to be. Jonah finds out.

In this podcast, we discuss Jonah as a metaphore for both Old Testament Israel and the Church in 2017.

Here are links to what was discussed in this podcast.

» Strategy or Theology

» Unbroken movie and book

» Mission in the Old Testament by Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.

» In Step with the God of the Nations by Philip N. Steyne

» From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya by Ruth A. Tucker

» Where are you from? video on YouTube


Finally, Jeff referenced 1 Peter 2:9 as an exhortation:

"But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light."


Honor and Shame Part Three: An Overview

August 15, 2017

These are resources mentioned in this edition of Facilitating the Mission. Much of what was covered today was originally presented at the Honor and Shame Conference held in Wheaton Illinois this summer. The theme of the conference was Reframing the Gospel for the 21st Century; Understanding Honor and Shame. Sign up for the newsletter at to keep up with blog posts and information about future conferences.

Here is a list of titles Jeff recommended for a deeper dive into the topic of ministry in honor and shame based cultures:

Here are links to previous podcasts in this series:


Honor and Shame Part Two

July 31, 2017

American missionaries need a framework for understanding how people in other cultures treat each other, how to interact, and how to communicate in honor-based cultures.

This podcast is the second half of “Honor and Shame,” a talk Jeff Jackson gave at Calvary Chapel Bible College (Costa Mesa Extension) in the spring of 2016. For this series, we’ve grabbed some audio from our language and culture resources page.

In part two, Jeff expands on the differences between American culture and culture in most of the rest of the world.

Here's a link to part one in this series.


Honor and Shame Part One

July 19, 2017

For this podcast, we’ve grabbed some audio from our language and culture resources page. This is the first half of “Honor and Shame”, a talk Jeff gave at Calvary Chapel Bible College (Costa Mesa Extension) in the spring of 2016.

In this message, Jeff Jackson defines the difference between American culture and culture in most of the rest of the world.



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Missionary Nurture

July 5, 2017

NURTURE:  To care for and encourage the growth and development of someone.

The pastors and leaders of any healthy local church regularly seek God's guidance for fresh methods of growth and development of their members. They're nurturing the growth of the flock.

As important as this is for their local members, it's even more important for leaders in local churches to consistently seek God to discover fresh channels for missionary nurture and encouragement to flow through.

In this podcast, Jeff and Bryon discuss the importance of missionary nurture and how to make it a priority. 

Here are some links to resources highlighted in this episode:

» Neal Pirolo’s book, Serving as Senders

» Missionary Nurture Teams: Why are they necessary?

» Missionary Nurture Teams: A distinct expression of Missionary Care

» Missionary Nurture Teams: Making them a reality



photo by Ben White


Reentry Part Four

June 22, 2017

Jeff refers to his missionary re-entry experience as the catalyst for how and why Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators operates the way it does. We also talk about easy and practical ways to include returning missionaries into the fold and include the local church in the re-entry process. When thought through, everyone grows and the local church’s vision for missions expands.

Finally, Jeff talks about how to train people in the congregation to own specific ministry to those returning from the field. These are some of the resources referred to in this show:

»Re Entry: Making the Transition from Missions Life to Life at Home by Peter Jordan

»The Reentry Team: Caring for Your Returning Missionaries by Neal Pirolo

»I am a Triangle and Other Tips for Repatriation by Naomi Hattaway

»Reentry Part Three

»Reentry Part Two

»Reentry Part One


Reentry Part Three

June 5, 2017

In part three of our series about missionary reentry, Jeff Jackson interviews Susan Mondok about coming home from the mission field from a woman's point of view. In the first two parts of this series, we mostly looked at the issue from a male point of view, and Susan helps round the discussion out nicely since there are many layers to this issue. Susan also talks about the adjustment her teenaged children had to make when coming back to school and church in the States.

Re-entry Part One

Re-entry Part Two


Re-entry part Two

May 23, 2017

In this podcast, the second in this series about the phenomenon known as re-entry, we learn that it is a reality. Often missionaries go to the field thinking their biggest challenge will be adjusting to and learning a new culture on a foreign field. But the startling reality is this: coming home can be and often is more a bigger adjustment than going to the mission field.

If you need to get caught up, click here to listen to part one of this series.