24 Missionary Stream 4 Deepening and Widening

November 24, 2016

Mission Stream

Here at Shepherd’s Staff we often use the phrase of the “missionary stream.” Joining into the stream comes as churches and the individuals who make up those churches begin to see the Lord God as the missionary God. The stream allows us to speak of the various stages of the flow from God, into His churches and individuals. 

In this podcast we'll look at what happens with churches and the individuals who make up that church go into deeper and wider waters in the Missioanry Stream of our Missionary God. 


25 Missionary Stream 05 Rapids

November 20, 2016
When an individual or church has entered the flow of the mission stream of God, rapids and rough waters will inevitably come. There are obstacles and distractions above and below the surface. Knowing they are coming allows the missionary and church to become distracted from the flow. 
These may include: 
  1. Rapids of discouragement from friends, family and church. 
  2. Whirlpools of local or national instability swamping the church or individual's boat. 
  3. Waves of discouragement as financial rapids slow progress. 
  4. Hidden underwater boulders of unexpected opportunities that can actually tip churches and individuals into rough water. 
  5. Tsunamis of interpersonal conflict before departure and upon arriving on the field.